Film Production Assistant
stars of cancer
  • Salary Unpaid role, expenses paid
  • Location London, Greater London (Hybrid)
  • Job Type Voluntary
  • Category Communications , Operations
  • Sectors Health
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Job Description


Feature documentary film in aid of cancer research.

We are looking for a volunteer to join our small (but very experienced) team of filmmakers currently in pre-production on a film project about unsung young international Cancer Research Scientists who are based in London.

The ideal person would hopefully have an interest in film production and have a great sense of fun with the ability to keep our team up to date with dates for shooting etc. and to liaise with various scientists, organising filming dates etc at locations in and around London as well as being with us on the actual shoots. 

This is a never-attempted-before film project and we anticipate huge global distribution with sales revenues going straight to Cancer Research UK.

We can pay moderate expenses with aims to provide a bonus at a later stage but we are funding this project ourselves  along with some donated funds in order to remain independent from the major networks who would normally offer production funding (called MG’s) but who would then control distribution among the favoured few networks.

By declining advances from the networks we now remain independent, which gives us control over distribution and it also means we can be sure that every country in the world will be able to purchase the broadcast rights to the film directly from us. All populations suffer cancer, and we want to reach every person in every country in the world.

The film will be distributed in 35 languages, with more translations being added as we go. 

Stars of Cancer was formed in 2022 by producer director: Michael Redwood and Dr. Zlatina Filipova - who is herself a film producer - for the sole purpose of creating a production company which is a requirement in enabling a production of this nature.

Our mission is to produce a stunning and emotional cinematic feature, film side by side with a sister version documentary. 

In other words: the film can be viewed at cinemas, as well as on TV platforms which requires at least two formats.

The money raised from the film’s sales revenues will be directly handed over to UK Cancer Research Groups, and we will reveal exactly HOW and WHERE that money is spent, answering so many questions from people who simply don’t know, and who are sadly losing faith in ‘Giving’ to cancer research, because of this lack of information. 

Donations to cancer research have dropped by 12% over the past year because of this lack of information. In the film we will highlight many unanswered questions put by the public about cancer donations, questions that Stars of Cancer WILL answer. 

If you are interested in this project, then please click on: Quick Apply to register your interest.

Young scientists from all over the world working together here in the UK is something we, as filmmakers, are tremendously proud of.  

We thought we’d been fortunate in our previous film careers to have worked with some rather famous actors, known as ’Stars’until we discovered, by fluke, these REAL ‘stars’ who quietly travel to their research labs each morning completely unnoticed by most of the public. 

Not only can this film raise much needed funds for research, but it can also give us - the public - a chance to recognise, and to offer, our grateful thanks, to these rather shy and unassuming super heroes.  

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."

- Dakota Tribe